Just amazing!

We absolutely love our wedding video! We've had it 3 days and I've watched it 5 times already. It captures everything about the day, perfect natural moment's when people don't even know they're being filmed. The music is set perfectly to the video. It's so emotional to watch, I can't say how happy we are with it. Thank you so so much!


Our wedding was filmed in May and it is just perfect we couldn't of asked for a better finished product and it had all our family in tears it was that beautiful. Thomas was so professional on the day and not once did I feel like the camera was in my face, to be honest I can't even remember seeing it he was that professional and also very friendly. I would highly recommend to anyone and even my sister has now booked for her wedding in July she was that impressed

Thank you soo much again for your amazing work and thank you for creating a film that will bring us many happy memories :)

Beyond Brilliant, Amazing Quality, Top Class

My husband Elliot and I were married on a gorgeous spring day 21st April 2014 in the beautiful setting of Down Hall Country House hotel.

We booked 'our BigDay on Film' having seen their good reviews and highlights videos previously on their website. After our wedding we were eager to see our video and when we received first the highlights then the final video we were not disappointed.

What can we say about our final wedding video, one word comes to mind and that's Perfect!

My husband and I are so very pleased with our wedding video, we can not thank our Big Day on Film, especially Thomas Hill enough. When we first saw our highlights video it brought a tear to our eye, they have captured some stunning shots and we just knew the final video was going to be excellent. Many of our family and friends have described the videos (highlights & final) as wow, fantastic, beautiful, amazing, fabulous, stunning, breathtaking and wonderful. We have already watched our wedding video many times.

The way our BigDay on Film (Thomas) has captured every moment and edited it with our music choices is brilliant! We can tell he has taken the care to place the music just right. We are also very glad we had two camera men on the day as the shots combined make for interesting viewing, they had all angles covered so we didn't miss anything which was great.

As with all great films we just didn't want it to end. I know we will be watching our video many more times, we will never get bored of it.

We will definitely recommend 'our BigDay on Film' services/company to anyone we know who needs a videographer.

Thank you again Thomas, you have done us proud.

Rachel & Elliot
Mr & Mrs Goldfader

Absolutely impeccable

I've read the reviews and can completely echo what others have said about the feelings around a wedding film - do we need it? can we afford it? will we feel self-conscious? Consider these answers:

Do we need it?
In 40 or 50 years time, you may have children and grandchildren, and you will have very special memories of your wedding day. A lot of the people who came to your wedding may no longer be with you. Think how lovely it will be, to hear your Dad's speech, to see your best friend's tears, to watch a room full of laughter. I had a photographer as well, and pictures are brilliant, but film shows movement, it captures laughter, it gets the emotions. It is worth it.

Can we afford it?
Email Thomas and explain the parts of the day that are important to you, and what you'd like to get from a wedding film. He tailored a package that was specific to us, and suited our needs, and I really feel like I got my moneys worth. I am very happy that I made the decision to spend a little less on flowers, decorations, alcohol, and came out with an absolutely amazing recorded memory instead.

Will we feel self-conscious?
No. You'll say hi to Thomas when you'll see him first, and then you probably won't even notice he's there for the rest of the day, until he says goodbye. Neither will your guests. Completely discrete.

About Thomas:
He's an incredibly talented videographer - our final film is beautifully captured and put together, the music I chose has been immaculately timed and we even had subtitles added for my Gran who has now lost her hearing completely. The main thing to know about Thomas is that he listens to what is important to YOU, and he will go out of his way to make sure it is included. You will end up with a beautiful product that reflects your day, your style, your personalities. In terms of service, it's like he came straight from Harrods - nothing is a problem, no email is too small, he will answer any questions, he keeps in touch, he makes sure he's got every little detail down that he needs to know, he's wonderfully friendly and polite, you just really can't find fault with him at all, you really can't.

Paying in advance for a product that hasn't been created yet can feel scary. But with Thomas, you can have complete trust. I'm so glad I chose him, I'd recommend him to absolutely everybody and I really can't thank him enough for the amazing work he's done on our film.

Our amazing wedding DVD

Booking 'our big day on film' happened by chance, as I was in the final preparations in organising our wedding when it occurred to us that we would perhaps like a DVD of our big day. We didn't think we would be able to afford it but thankfully Thomas from 'our big day on film' gave us a great deal and we went ahead and booked...thank god we did!! Quite honestly when I received my film it brought me to tears. The way Thomas has put together our film has caught all of the emotion of the day and it is superb to be able to watch our day back again and relive it. It was worth every penny and if you are reading this and still deliberating over whether you think it is worth having your day filmed... Please don't give it any more thought and book it!! You will not find a more friendly, professional or skilled service than that from 'our big day on film'. Thank you Thomas. Karen & Mike Higgins

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