Mrs & Mrs Smith

Thomas was our videographer for our special day. He was absolutely fantastic and helped capture the best day of our lives. We received the full movie 2 days ago, and we watched it with our family last night. It was absolutely amazing. We laughed and cried throughout! You have captured some amazing memories, that will last a lifetime. A MASSIVE thank you again!!!

Simply Amazing

Where do I begin. Put simply "Our Big Day On Film" (Tom) captured everything that made our wedding day the best day of our lives. His professionalism, the way he orchestrated the shots, lighting, technical ability, and above all his lovely character and personality ensured we have the most amazing wedding video. If anybody is in any doubt about having a videographer, I would say don't! It's like having your own Hollywood film, Toms editing is really that good. And the way he works your music choices into the film make it extra special, always emphasising the emotion in the shot, never distracting from the special moments that make the wedding day so exceptional. I guarantee you won't regret choosing "Our Big Day On Film".

Absolutely amazing!

I don't even know where to begin...

We were on the fence about booking a videographer for our wedding for a few different reasons and we didn't actually book until a few months before but I can honestly say it was the best decision we made!! We booked the silver package and upgraded to 12 hours coverage as an additional add on.

Thomas was fantastic from the initial contact up until the final correspondence about our video being complete. He replied to emails so promptly and was happy to adapt things to how we wanted them such as no speech over our highlights video. He made us feel so at ease and relaxed on our wedding day, he arrived earlier than expected and was so professional throughout the whole day. The amount of people who have said they didn't even realise he was there was so amazing and such a credit to you Thomas. There were times when even we didn't notice him capturing some of the moments that are on our video!

We have no words to describe how amazing our highlights video and main feature films are, we've watched the highlights one so many times already and we only received it yesterday and I've cried each time! He truly has captured our day in a way we could never have imagined and I'm so glad we decided to go for it and we will treasure it forever!

For anyone like us who is nervous to be videoed and from one of us who was adamant they didn't want a videographer, we can honestly say you won't regret it!

Thanks again! Samantha & Andy

P.S. Thomas and our photographer Scott Sharman Photography were one of the best videographer/photographer duos we have ever seen and they worked incredibly well together.

Wow! Amazing Video, perfectly captured all of our special day!

Thomas was amazing from start to finish! He was friendly and professional, and listened to all of the important little details about our day! He blended in perfectly on the day - friendly and kind, but never intrusive and he captured the day exactly how it happened! We initially hadn't booked a videographer and we didn't think we 'needed' one however we would 100% recommend Thomas to everyone and are so pleased we decided to go with him! Our video is so so special to us, and we are extremely grateful to Thomas for capturing and saving all of these memories for us!

5★ Videographer!

Well where can we start! I had originally booked Thomas in 2018 for our wedding in 2020 which was cancelled due to the pandemic, I'd love to say that we had rearranged it for a later date but this happened 3 times! We are so grateful that Thomas was amazing and carried on booking us in with no problems at all! When we finally got to our wedding day, it was absolutely perfect, Thomas was fantastic, Really put us both at ease, we had a laugh and joke around but he was so professional and there wasn't a moment in the day where he wasn't working so hard to capture everything we wanted! We have just received our films and we are are absolutely speechless at what we have received! We are both overwhelmed and extremely happy at what we have watched and can finally say that we have now got one of the best days of our lives captured to reminisce over years and years to come.

Thank you so much for everything you have done, I couldn't recommend anyone else but you to anyone looking for videographer to capture their day! Perfect!

Mr and Mrs Taylor x

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