Absolutely impeccable

I've read the reviews and can completely echo what others have said about the feelings around a wedding film - do we need it? can we afford it? will we feel self-conscious? Consider these answers:

Do we need it?
In 40 or 50 years time, you may have children and grandchildren, and you will have very special memories of your wedding day. A lot of the people who came to your wedding may no longer be with you. Think how lovely it will be, to hear your Dad's speech, to see your best friend's tears, to watch a room full of laughter. I had a photographer as well, and pictures are brilliant, but film shows movement, it captures laughter, it gets the emotions. It is worth it.

Can we afford it?
Email Thomas and explain the parts of the day that are important to you, and what you'd like to get from a wedding film. He tailored a package that was specific to us, and suited our needs, and I really feel like I got my moneys worth. I am very happy that I made the decision to spend a little less on flowers, decorations, alcohol, and came out with an absolutely amazing recorded memory instead.

Will we feel self-conscious?
No. You'll say hi to Thomas when you'll see him first, and then you probably won't even notice he's there for the rest of the day, until he says goodbye. Neither will your guests. Completely discrete.

About Thomas:
He's an incredibly talented videographer - our final film is beautifully captured and put together, the music I chose has been immaculately timed and we even had subtitles added for my Gran who has now lost her hearing completely. The main thing to know about Thomas is that he listens to what is important to YOU, and he will go out of his way to make sure it is included. You will end up with a beautiful product that reflects your day, your style, your personalities. In terms of service, it's like he came straight from Harrods - nothing is a problem, no email is too small, he will answer any questions, he keeps in touch, he makes sure he's got every little detail down that he needs to know, he's wonderfully friendly and polite, you just really can't find fault with him at all, you really can't.

Paying in advance for a product that hasn't been created yet can feel scary. But with Thomas, you can have complete trust. I'm so glad I chose him, I'd recommend him to absolutely everybody and I really can't thank him enough for the amazing work he's done on our film.

Our amazing wedding DVD

Booking 'our big day on film' happened by chance, as I was in the final preparations in organising our wedding when it occurred to us that we would perhaps like a DVD of our big day. We didn't think we would be able to afford it but thankfully Thomas from 'our big day on film' gave us a great deal and we went ahead and booked...thank god we did!! Quite honestly when I received my film it brought me to tears. The way Thomas has put together our film has caught all of the emotion of the day and it is superb to be able to watch our day back again and relive it. It was worth every penny and if you are reading this and still deliberating over whether you think it is worth having your day filmed... Please don't give it any more thought and book it!! You will not find a more friendly, professional or skilled service than that from 'our big day on film'. Thank you Thomas. Karen & Mike Higgins

Great Job

The film made is very nice. We love it. Definitely recommend to our friends.

Absolutely outstanding

When I was searching for someone to make a wedding video for us, I wasn't sure if I wanted it or not. It was something that I'd never thought of and didn't think I could afford it. I searched a lot of sites looking at reviews and videos of what they had done and had enough of videos with horrible special effects on them, a shakey camera and over priced products. I was ready to give up and then I came across Our Big Day On Film site. I watched one of Thomas's videos and fell in love. It was everything i was looking for and more. I looked at the packages and wasn't sure I could afford it. I decided to email and see if there was something I could get for my budget. Thomas emailed back with some great packages giving me a few options to pick from. I felt like he had listened to everything I'd said and wanted from my wedding film. We agreed on a package and couldn't wait for the big day. We had a chat with him about all the items of our wedding that was important to us (we were doing a dance down the aisle) and I felt like he understood how important the little things were. Thomas was very professional and I didn't even notice that I was being filmed on my big day. Once he'd finished he came over at the end of the night and told me roughly the time it would be finished. I had emails to keep me up to date with everything that was going on.

I received my DVD yesterday and all I can say is......it's the most beautiful thing I've ever watched. We laughed, cried and reminisced about our beautiful day. The highlights is perfect to show everyone on Facebook and share it with your friends. The DVD is perfect to share with family and have a great memory for your day, because everyone knows how fast your special day goes.

If your even just thinking of the idea of getting a videography for your wedding. Get one, it's the best thing I've done. As well as beautiful photos of your special day from your photographer. You'll have a film to remember and you can listen to you make that special promise to each other over and over again.

This is the company to make that happen. Thank you Thomas for such beautiful memories!


We are so pleased with the overall service from Thomas and his team, and the end result is truly truly amazing...we will treasure this forever!

We selected the Silver Package, plus an additional hour. This gave us a great film of the day. One of the best bits is having 8 groups / people provide special messages...this is so valuable as well as quite amusing! what a fantastic quirky addition to the DVD, which of course we didn't see until in receipt of the film! We have the small 'highlights' film too which is posted on Facebook & Twitter so that friends and family can view, in particular those who couldn't make the day or live abroad.

Thomas & his team were more than polite both prior to the day and throughout the magical day...they were so drawn into the day we didn't notice they were there! I like to think of the them as our extra special guests :)

Overall we were blown away by the whole experience...we would not hesitate to recommend to friends at the drop of a hat! And should we require any celebratory filming in the future I would not hesitate to call Thomas to see if he could help!...Thank you Thomas for capturing our special day so magically x

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